‘Art is where work meets love!’

Art is, and always will be, our passion! For this reason, Creative Arts Atelier has sought to provide the tuition and fine art materials to meet the needs of artists in Durbanville, Cape Town’s northern suburbs and further afield since 1997.

With the vision to grow an art community, owner Pierre de Villiers (a previous Atelier student) offers a relaxed environment where like-minded people can meet and nurture their creative talent through drawing and painting. We have two studio areas that can accommodate classes simultaneously. Studio One can take up to 12 people, and the other eight.

To support artists, we stock materials from most leading brands of art supplies and have expanded our range to cater for all levels, from beginner to professional. If you cannot find something on our shelves, please speak to us about sourcing and stocking it for you.

Art community

To foster a greater awareness, knowledge and enjoyment of art, we offer art lovers the opportunity to join a community of like-minded people who are invited to upcoming classes, workshops and exhibitions, and informed of competitions, new products, talks by guest artists, painting mornings and more. We will also give you the opportunity to join us on guided outings to galleries for special exhibitions. To join our community, please ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.

Art parties, tailored workshops and team building

Art is a wonderful way to mark a milestone and have fun! If your child is celebrating a birthday, we can host an art party for them and their friends in our studio! We will arrange an age appropriate activity, from painting to drawing or air-dry clay modelling, and provide all the materials to let them get creative and leave with a special art work.

In addition to hosting children’s art parties, we run:

  • art workshops for children and their parents
  • team building workshops for companies.

Meet our teachers

Our art teachers specialise in painting, drawing and/or print making. They are:

Revalle Beaton

Revalle is a life coach and self-taught artist. Her BA Psychology and other formal qualifications play a significant role in who she is as an artist and teacher. Although she has experimented with many techniques and subjects over the years, she is constantly drawn to portraits and figures, often working with a limited palette to see how much can be achieved with the smallest range of colours. 

Revalle has taught drawing and painting classes to adults as well as children at Creative Arts Atelier and her home studio. She has also helped to organise and participated at group exhibitions.

Mal Reynolds 

With some 20 years’ painting experience, Mal is living her passion! Being creative and making something beautiful out of nothing is at the core of her being.

Mal loves to work with a pencil or a brush and move paint around a canvas. She believes there is no limit to what one can achieve with some help and all the subject matter in the world. She thrives on encouraging people, seeing them fulfil their desire to paint and achieving what they thought was impossible.

Mareli Janse van Rensburg

Mareli completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts and started teaching at Creative Arts Atelier in 2017. Her core skill set is printmaking, including screen printing, lithography, monotypes and etching. She is also a keen photographer

Helena Jordaan

Helena was introduced to oil paints in 2009 at an art workshop held by the late Luie Audi. Even having no art background from school, she was hooked on painting. She attended weekly art classes and workshops as often as possible. From 2012, she started painting almost daily. Helena’s work was spotted at the Franschhoek Art Festival in March 2018 and can now be seen at ‘Art in the Yard Gallery’ in Franschhoek. 

Helena says she still has a lot to learn and experience, and that her style will continue developing due to outside influences and the people who cross her path.

“Experiences like this will help me grow into a better artist. It makes us unique and authentic artists / human beings.”

Andrea Goldswain 

Andrea was introduced to art and painting at a very young age and has never looked back. She is a qualified teacher and artist who believes everyone can learn to draw and paint. She is creative at heart and enjoys experimenting with different mediums. She is also qualified in film production and get excited about the art of storytelling through the creative arts. Her preferred mediums are oils and charcoal.

To stock up on art supplies or sign up for the next class, contact us.